Hire our arena

The arenas are available to hire between 8am and 5pm seven days a week. We also offer late arena hires on certain days up to 10pm. Please contact us for details.

Show jumps

The arenas are suitable for all. We offer a full set of BS show jumps and top of the range working hunter course to hire in the indoor arena. The courses are changed every Monday. We also have a set of BS show jumps in the larger outdoor arena, and we have the dressage arena. As much or as little of the facilities will be available as required.

Indoor with jumps

£30 per hour- up to 2 horses/ ponies then an extra £5 per horse/pony. Coin meter for lights if needed- only accepts new £1 coins, £4 per hour.

Outdoor dressage arena

£15 per hour up to 2 horses/ponies , extra £5 per horse / pony after. Coin meter if lights needed – only accepts new £1 coins £3 per hour

Large outdoor with jumps

£20 per hour- up to 2 horses / ponies, extra £5 per horse/ pony after. Coin meter if lights needed- only accepts new £1 coins £3 per hour.


Golden Valley Equestrian Centre is open for enquiries and bookings from Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs, Show Organisers and individuals looking for a venue to hold their events or hire for the day for training and clinics.

Cross Country Course

New for 2019, Compact all surface tracked cross country course with jump heights ranging from 50cm to 100cm.

£20 per person, unlimited daily use.

Our cross country course offers a wide variety of jumps, including roll tops, steps, competitive striding jumps, houses in a fantastic setting.

We have use of a grassed warm up, including a couple of warm up fences which will be open while the ground holds up.

Our XC course starts by going all the way around the edge of mowing fields on a manmade track provided offering a good canter and warm up to get prepared for our main course.

We have around 50 fences on our course and is open to everyone. Skull caps and body protectors are advised.